The Photographer's Creed

The photographic session is a relationship between people,
working together, playing together, making contact;
then the formality of being photographed falls away.
The photograph becomes, not a picture the eye sees,
but an experience of who we are and what we create together.

Behind the illusion, behind the fantasy of the public image,
we all love, hate, fear, become children, become serious.

We are all the same.

The camera records the moment in the continuity.
If the movement is real there is no unsureness.
If we leave behind our desires, the anxiety of our needs, the subjectivity of ego;
if we still our thoughts, the veil which obscures the essence is lifted and we are open,
able to see, listen, make contact...

We are on the same journey together.

~ Unknown

I have always enjoyed taking pictures. There hasn't been a time I haven't had a camera in my hand clear back to the first thin, itty-bitty 110 size cameras to the first 35mm point and shoot camera I ever got. But it wasn't until I took my first course in photography  in  college that I got bit by the shutter bug and really fell in love with photography.

There are many reasons why I love photography. To me, each photograph is a story. In every face I see, in every scene I take in, within every picture there is a story to be told. With every photograph I strive to capture a special moment in time. Pictures help spark our memories of the special occasions in our lives. How many times have you looked at a picture that started a conversation that began with the words "remember when." Children grow quickly, people change, events in life happen and time continues on. Pictures help us to capture and hold on to these cherished moments.

I have my own portable studio equipment as well as several different choice outdoor settings  that I can recommend. I am also willing to travel to your location if you have a special place or event in mind. I am able to do all types of work, whether its portraits, events, scenic, or anything else in between.

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